Vision, Mission and Goals

CTR Vision

An efficient and pioneer company in production and supplying of value-added products in the Middle East region.


CTR Mission

CTR intend to expand its local and abroad market with reliance on its production and operation excellence and by this way, satisfy customers’ and  beneficiaries profits.


CTR Goals

Feedstock supply and products quality and quantity improvement

Increase of local and abroad market’s share

Technology promotion and upgrading with environmental attitude

Stability of efficiency increasing

Human Resources Empowerment

Stable supply of feed stocks with financial solutions approach

Empowerment of middle and junior managers, supervisors and staffs

Expand market share of coal tar products accordance to development programs of country

Develop and expand coal tar products market share in Middle East based on based on strategy of increasing export

Optimization and modernization of equipment and process in order to stabilize production rate and upgrading quality of products

Optimization and effective use of natural resources in order to stabilize production capacity and environment protection